The Exhibitionist

Senior Editor, since issue 10, October 2014; Editorial Board, since issue 1, January 2010

The Exhibitionist was established by curator Jens Hoffmann in 2009 as a journal by curators, for curators, in which the most pertinent questions on exhibition making today would be considered and assessed. Currently released three times a year and modeled after the iconic French film journal Cahiers du cinéma, the journal is meant to serve a critical role in understanding current curatorial practices through a number of editorial formats focused specifically on the critical and historical importance of exhibitions.


Graduate Student Publications, California College of the Arts, San Francisco

Void California: 1975-1989, ed. Julian Myers-Szupinska

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, and the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at CCA, San Francisco, 2016

Exhibition catalogue featuring more than fifty rarely seen works, as well as unpublished notebooks and previously undocumented works of art. The catalogue also includes an homage to writer Melody Sumner Carnahan's project, The Form, where the curators compiled responses from questionnaires to fifty artists, punk rockers, writers, and critics.

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My Trip to America by Martin Wong, eds. Julian Myers-Szupinska and Caitlin Burkhart

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, and the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at CCA, San Francisco, 2015

Publication accompanying the exhibition Martin Wong: Painting is Forbidden, The Wattis Institute, March 13-April 18, 2015

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Many Places at Once, eds. Julian Myers-Szupinska, Marie Martraire, and Lauren R. O’Connell

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, and the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at CCA, San Francisco, 2014

Exhibition catalogue featuring an introductory essay co-written by Julian Myers, Callie Humphrey, and Patricia Cariño; and interviews with artists Martin Soto Climent, Rana Hamadeh, Li Ran, Cinthia Marcelle, William Powhida, members of Real Time & Space, and Ian Wallace

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The Ninth Page: Etel Adnan’s Journalism 1972-74, eds. Julian Myers-Szupinska and Heidi Rabben

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, and the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at CCA, San Francisco, 2013 (edited volume accompanying the exhibition Words and Places: Etel Adnan

The Ninth Page: Etel Adnanʼs Journalism 1972-1974, collects and translates some of Adnanʼs contributions to the Al-Safa newspaper. The articles document the rich cultural scene of Beirut on the brink of civil war, a political cataclysm addressed with great force in Adnanʼs landmark books Sitt Marie Rose (1978) and The Arab Apocalypse (1980). These writings have an immediacy that is distinct from the rhythms of her poetry and prose. The publication also includes newly commissioned essays that respond to Adnanʼs journalism and its fraught sociopolitical context.

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Give Them the Picture, eds. Julian Myers and Liz Glass

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, and the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at CCA, San Francisco, 2011 (edited volume accompanying the exhibition God Only Knows Who the Audience Is: Performance, Video, and Television Through the Lens of La Mamelle / ART COM

Give Them the Picture is a literary extension of the exhibition God Only Knows Who the Audience Is. This accompanying publication is not an exhibition catalog but rather a selected anthology of essays taken from La Mamelle and ART COM magazines. It places in dialogue 24 articles, penned by critics and artists. This collection represents the complexity of those ideas as they were grappled with at the time of their original publication and positions them as contemporary questions. It also features conversations between the curators and two of La Mamelle / ART COM's key figures, Nancy Frank and Darlene Tong.

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We have as much time as it takes, eds. Julian Myers and Joanna Szupinska

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, and the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at CCA, San Francisco, 2010

This publication reflects many of the themes in the group exhibition of the same name, including circular processes and resistance to the production of assessable results. Designed by Jon Sueda/ Stripe SF, the book features an exposed binding and nontraditional typesetting. Challenging a common function of the conventional exhibition catalog, the images are speculative rather than documentary: a set of 10 drawings by artist Matthew Rana illustrates his interpretation of the works in the show prior to the manifestation of the exhibition. The book also includes new texts by the poet Jasper Bernes and the writers Erica Levin and Daniel Marcus, an essay by Jacqueline Clay and Kristin Korolowicz, and interviews with each of the artists. Featured artists include Nina Beier and Marie Lund, David Horvitz, Jason Mena, Sandra Nakamura, Roman Ondák, Red76, Zachary Royer Scholz, Tercerunquinto, Lawrence Weiner, and Christine Wong Yap.

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HSz: as is/ as if, ed. Julian Myers

CCA Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice, San Francisco, 2010

HSz: as is/as if, produced by the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at California College of the Arts, is a focused collection of essays and interviews resulting from a course, taught in Spring 2009 by Assistant Professor Julian Myers, on Harold Szeemann's 1983 exhibition Der Hang Zum Gesamtkunstwerk: Europaische Utopien seit 1800. In setting out to unravel Szeemann's orchestration of various artistic theories and manifestations of utopia, the class pursued paths he signposted into the realms of art, architecture, music, poetry, literature, cinema, politics, and history. HSz is prefaced by Myers's essay "Totality: A Guided Tour," first published in Afterall magazine in 2009. The students' contributions range from interviews with Balthasar Burkhard (Szeemann's photographic collaborator and the author of much of the iconic documentation of his exhibitions) and Christian Bok (the Canadian experimental poet), to essays on W.E.B. Du Bois's complex relationship to Richard Wagner and the approach to the Gesamtkunstwerk evinced in the cinema of the early 20th century. Szeemann is once again revealed in these pages as a catalyst for evaluating not only the curatorial discipline, but also the subjects he framed in his exhibitions.

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Series of blog posts, On Returning, eds. Julian Myers and Joanna Szupinska, SFMOMA Open Space, February-April 2016

How have art institutions aimed to rectify—or at least to make visible—their historical exclusions? What new arrangements have been made, and with what results? In advance of SFMOMA’s imminent reopening after a three-year period of expansion, the collaborative project grupa o.k. (Julian Myers and Joanna Szupinska) surveys progressive or radical “turns” in existing museums.

grupa o.k., "On Returning: an introduction," SFMOMA Open Space, February 16, 2016

Dana DeGiulio interviewed by grupa o.k., "Painting Notes (For the Chronic)," SFMOMA Open Space, February 16, 2016

Helen Molesworth interviewed by grupa o.k., "In a room: Helen Molesworth on The Art of Our Time," SFMOMA Open Space, February 16, 2016

Charles Gaines, "A Tale of Conflict: Charles Gaines on the Contemporary Museum in the Age of Liberalism," SFMOMA Open Space, March 8, 2016

Johanna Burton, "Back to the Future: Johanna Burton on Engagement through Preservation," SFMOMA Open Space, March 15, 2016

Xiaoyu Weng, "Toward the Utopia of a New Canon," SFMOMA Open Space, March 22, 2016

Silvia Kolbowski, "Notes on a Museum of Resistance," SFMOMA Open Space, March 29, 2016

Andrew Stefan Weiner, "Art and Objecthood: Decolonizing the Ethnographic Museum," SFMOMA Open Space, April 5, 2016

Julieta Gonzalez, SFMOMA Open Space, April 19, 2016

Chus Martinez, SFMOMA Open Space, April 26, 2016

Series of blog posts, Proposal for a Museum, eds. Julian Myers and Joanna Szupinska, SFMOMA Open Space, October 2012-May 2013

In 2013 SFMOMA closed for a building expansion planned to last nearly three years. Reflecting on the closure, grupa o.k. asked several friends and colleagues to imagine their own proposals for a museum in San Francisco. Their proposals—alongside projects and “proposals” discovered elsewhere—were published on SFMOMA's Open Space blog:

grupa o.k., "Proposal for a Museum," SFMOMA Open Space, November 26, 2012

Zarouhie Abdalian, "Museum of the Witnessing Object," SFMOMA Open Space, November 27, 2012

grupa o.k., "Le Corbusier’s Project for a ‘Museum of Unlimited Growth,’ 1931," SFMOMA Open Space, November 30, 2012

grupa o.k., "Nikolai Fedorov's Philosophy of the Common Goal," SFMOMA Open Space, December 3, 2012

Daniel Marcus, "A Public Museum," SFMOMA Open Space, December 6, 2012

Ian Dolton-Thornton, "Proposal for a Museum," SFMOMA Open Space, December 11, 2012

grupa o.k., "Ed Ruscha, The Los Angeles County Museum on Fire, 1968," SFMOMA Open Space, December 17, 2012

grupa o.k., "Paulina Ołowska, Yael Bartana, and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw," SFMOMA Open Space, December 18, 2012

Dieter Roelstraete and Monika Szewczyk, "Proposal for a Museum," SFMOMA Open Space, December 21, 2012

Ahmet Öğüt, "Artifact (hereafter referred to as the work of art)," SFMOMA Open Space, January 8, 2013

grupa o.k., "El Lissitzky's Abstract Cabinet," SFMOMA Open Space, January 12, 2013

Xiaoyu Weng, "Museum of the False," SFMOMA Open Space, January 22, 2013

grupa o.k., "Roman Ondák’s Virtual Museum of Contemporary Art," SFMOMA Open Space, January 25, 2013

grupa o.k., "Meschac Gaba’s Museum of Contemporary African Art," SFMOMA Open Space, January 29, 2013

Arden Sherman, "Mise en green," SFMOMA Open Space, January 31, 2013

grupa o.k., "Trieste Constructivist Cabinet," SFMOMA Open Space, February 4, 2013

Terry Smith, "'You Can Be a Museum, or Contemporary...'," SFMOMA Open Space, February 5, 2013

Dana DeGiulio, "Proposal for a Future Museum," SFMOMA Open Space, February 7, 2013

Byron Peters and Matthew Post (with Xiaoyu Weng and grupa o.k.), "Questions on Expansion," SFMOMA Open Space, May 28, 2013